Destinations sub-module

Destinations sub-module contains the list of flight destinations and their related operational details. The destinations are selected either as 'from'‚ 'via'‚ or 'to' destinations on scheduled and charter flights.

Actions can be preformed on this sub-module :
New Click on New to create a new record.
View Click on a record to view the record.
Filter Filter the results on this screen and create a customized report.

CountryUse this to set the country of this destination‚ relevant for integration with Hepstar only.
LatSet the latitude coordinates for this destination
LongSet the longitude coordinates for this destination
Time zoneSelect destination time zone‚ this will affect bookings
Sub destination"Son" destination of father destination. Each father destination can have many sub destinations
Allow strip changeAllow strip changing within the PNR of an active strip without re-pricing.
Sub OrderThe number of the strip in the order of travel
CRS availabilityTick for destination to be available for CRS system bookings
OrderWrite a number representing a sorting number to sort the AVL drop list according to your needs.
ColorClick to open color picker‚ the color will reflect in the CRS availability screen
ShowTick to show the destination in the availability search in the CRS
Accommodation mandatoryChoose whether you want to force the customer to choose accommodation for this destination
Sub Plus MinutesWrite down here the number of minutes to add to STD of the father destination
Checkin time (min)Minimum check-in time before flight departure (minutes)
Online checkin open (min)time before the flight that the online check-in will open (in minutes)
Online checkin close (min)time before the flight that the online check-in will close (in minutes)
Min. passengerThis setting is a minimum passengers qty for the first booking for this destination.
Min. booking interval (hr)Time limit for booking before flight departure (hours) The system won't allow bookings from agents using the CRS and web bookings.
Boarding time (minutes)Minutes before the STD for the boarding pass to show boarding time
BarCode versionBarcode version will have some differences. current most common is 0 some destinations use 1
Web Min. booking interval (min)The number of minutes before departure time that flights flying to this destination should not appear on the website anymore.
Gate closing (min)Minutes before the STD for the boarding pass to show gate closing time
Baggage drop (min)Minutes before the STD for the boarding pass to show Baggage Drop time
GDS/LDS ConnectionSelect the destination from the drop-down list‚ if it is not available‚ contact support to add it.
PNL/ADLPax list file in IATA format‚ that will be sent to the e-mail address or the SITA address‚ charges for SITA apply per message..
PNL TimingHow many hours before the flight should the system send the PNL
ADL TimingADL interval timing (hours)‚ how many hours before the flight the system should send the ADL. If there are new pax booking after PNL timing they will sent as additional list after the initial PNL timing
ADL continuousMarking this option will send the ADL continuously after the first ADL period
Send PAL/CALThis will tell the system to send PAL/CAL messages right after PNL/ADL
Send Crew MsgThis will tell the system to send Crew Messages in a SITA format
E-mail/sE-mail/s which the PNL will be sent to‚ multiple e-mails should be separated by comma.
SITA address/esPNL/ADL SITA address CHARGES APPLY!! multiple addresses should be separated by comma.
HTTP address/esPNL/ADL SITA address multiple addresses should be separated by comma.
PAL/CAL SITA address/esEnter the SITA address for sending the PAL/CAL messages. for multiple addresses use a comma as a separator.
PAL/CAL E-mail/sEnter the email address for. sending the PAL/CAL messages. for multiple addresses use a comma as a separator.
Movement trackingThis option allows you to send information about actual flight data changes.
E-mail/sE-mail/s which the movement will be sent to‚ multiple e-mails should be separated by comma.
TemplateSelect the template which the system will send as attachment .
Show On WebThick this check-box in order to make this destination available in your website
NameFull name of the destination
CodeEnter the internal code for this destination‚ IATA codes are recommended if available.
Father codeDestination code (for father destinations. write the Father code here)
FatherTick this if this is a Father destination of several sub-destinations. If selected? this destination will not appear for customer to book? only his sub destinations.
Charge tax on InfantTick this if you want to charge tax on infants for flights departing from this destination
Baggage AllowanceMaximum baggage weight allowed per passenger (kg/lb) from this destination
DestinationDefine here the destination relevant to the LDS/GDS. This way your flights to this destination will appear on LDS searches

NOTE: Some of the permissions above might be restricted for your user login, please ask your administrator if you encounter a need for a permission in this screen
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