Send Flight SMS

In this article you will learn how to send SMS to passengers on a specific flight.

SMS can be sent from PNR screen also, learn more.

In order to send SMS to passengers in a specific flight, first find the relevant flight screen.

Click on the cell-phone icon on the top right

System now shows the SMS screen.
In the SMS screen you can select the passengers and / or customer which the SMS will be sent.
NOTE: Only Passengers and / or customers with phone number will be shown.

Then, write a customized sms message. You can use variable placements to be replaced automatically in the SMS.

If you have created templates for SMS you can use instead with the drop-down menu. (Not sure to create SMS templates? Learn more.)

Our Variable Placements:

You can put variable placements so the system would automatically replace with content from the booking:

  • {PNRREF} - PNR Reference
  • {PNRNAME} - PNR name
  • {PTLGMT} - Payment time limit in GMT
  • {TTLGMT} - Ticketing time limit in GMT
  • {CUSTNAME} - Customer name
  • {AGTNAME} - Agency name
  • {PAXNAME} - Passenger name (valid only if sent to the passenger)
  • {PNRLINK} - Link to booking


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