Flight types

GO7 PSS supports the following flight types:

  • From-To flights: the simpleset mode of flying from point to point
  • From-Via-To flights: when flying via one destination from point to point
  • Multi leg flights: when flying via multiple points, when times are known and set.
  • Circular flights: when the flight returns to the same origin via multiple points while still having the same flight number
  • Hub flights: IROP (irregular operation), when departing from one point of origin while the destination is within a group of destinations but undetermined at the time of creating the flights.
  • Overlapping flights / Triangle flights: when flying a A-B-C-A flight, where the B-C leg is overlapping between the outbound and the inbound flight.

An example of a utilzation of all flight types can be seen in the following diagram:


In the above example, you can see all the different flight types, utilized in the system.

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