Reserve Agency

In this article, we will review the setup of a reserve agency.

A reserve agency is an agency that can make bookings, but in order to issue tickets, the agency must make payment first.

For this type of agency, when a booking is made, the agency will issue a "Voucher" as a "promise to pay" and confirm the booking (without issuing a ticket).

Once the agency's customer wishes to issue a ticket for the booking, the agency can then proceed with ticketing (a few days later or according to the Time to Live (TTL) setting), but they must enter a valid payment method such as cash, credit card, or cheque.

Our system maintains these amounts within a limit called "Booking limit".

Once the agency has exceeded the booking limit (the total of bookings with vouchers that have not been ticketed), the system will prevent the agency from creating additional bookings.


To setup this type of agency, in the "Agency" sub-module, configure the following settings:

  1. Booking limit: the total amount you allow the agency to maintain in "open bookings" without needing to issue tickets. Bookings of this type will be retained up to the TTL without the agency needing to issue a ticket. The amount should be greater than zero.
  2. Credit limit: should be set to zero.
  3. Credit days: should be set to zero.
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