The following table contains the list of the most common abbreviations used by the Support Manual of AeroCRS Cloud Reservation System:

Abbreviation    Description
A/C Aircraft
ADL Adult
AGT Agent
AMEL Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License
AMES Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Service License
ASEL Aircraft Single Engine Land
ASES Aircraft Single-Engine Sea Land
ATA Actual Time Of Arrival
ATD Actual Time Of Departure
AVL Availability

Business Intelligence

CHLD Child
CRM Costumer Relationship Manager
CUST Customer
FLT Flight
GDS Global Distribution System
Inbound Departure
INF infant
INVC invoice
LDS Local Distribution System
M/F/C/I Male/Female/Child/infant
Manifest Flight Passenger list
NOP Number Of Pieces
Outbound Return
OW One Way
PAX Passenger
PIC Pilot In Command
PN Pending
PNR Passenger Name Record
PTL Payment Time Limit
QTY Quantity
RCPT Receipt
RT Return
SIC Second In Command
STA Scheduled Time of Arrival
STD Scheduled Time of Depart
TBD To Be Defined
TTL Ticket Time Limit
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