The following table contains the list of the most common abbreviations used by the Support Manual of GO7 Cloud Reservation System:

Abbreviation  Description
A/C Aircraft
ADL Adult
AGT Agent
AMEL Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License
AMES Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Service License
ASEL Aircraft Single Engine Land
ASES Aircraft Single-Engine Sea Land
ATA Actual Time Of Arrival
ATA Air Transport Association
ATB1, ATB2 Airline Ticketing & Boarding Passes Industry Standards
ATD Actual Time Of Departure
ATPCO Airline Tariff Publishing Company
AVL Availability
BI Business Intelligence
Billing Carrier The airline who will be billing the Validating Carrier
CHLD Child
CoS Change of Status Message
CRM Costumer Relationship Manager
CUST Customer
EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport
ET Electronic Ticket/Coupon
ETKT Electronic ticket
ETR Electronic Ticket Record
FLT Flight
FOID Form of Identification
FOP Form of Payment
FQTV Frequent Flyer Number
GBR General Business Requirements
GDS Global Distribution System
Host Primary or controlling computer in a data communications system which processes functional entries
IATA International Air Transportation Association
IDEC Interline Data Exchange Centre
IET Interline E-Ticket
Inbound Departure
INF infant
INVC invoice
INVOL Involuntary Re-route
LDS Local Distribution System
M/F/C/I Male/Female/Child/infant
Manifest Flight Passenger list
Marketing Carrier The airline whose Airline Designator and flight number is recorded as the transporting carrier on the electronic flight coupon(s).
NOP Number Of Pieces
OA Other Airline
OA Payables Host‑validated coupons lifted by an OA
OA Receivables  OA‑validated coupons lifted by Sabre Hosted Carriers
OAG Official Airline Guide
Operating Carrier  The airline providing transportation, the actual Operating carrier.  The Operating carrier may differ from the Marketing carrier in instances where bilateral agreements exist, e.g. codeshare agreements.
Outbound Return
OW One Way
PADIS Passenger Airport Data Standards Working Group
PAX Passenger
PIC Pilot In Command
PN Pending
PNR Passenger Name Record
PTL Payment Time Limit
QTY Quantity
RCPT Receipt
RT Return
SAC Settlement Authorisation Code
SIC Second In Command
SIPP Standard Interline Passenger Procedures
SSIM Standard Schedules Information Manual (IATA)
SSR  Special Service Requirement
STA Scheduled Time of Arrival
STD Scheduled Time of Depart
TBD To Be Defined
TCN Ticket Control Number
TKCREQ IATA EDIFACT Ticketing Control Request Message.  Used to request control or transfer control back to, and to inform the Operating carrier that two electronic tickets should be connected.
TKCRES EDIFACT Ticket Control Response message used to respond 
TKTREQ IATA EDIFACT Ticketing Request Message.  Used to request a ticket issue, display, refund, void, exchange/reissue or history display.
TKTRES IATA EDIFACT Ticketing Response Message.  Used to respond to a ticket issue, display, print, refund, void, exchange/reissue or history displays request.
TTL Ticket Time Limit
UAC Unsolicited Airport Control
UATP Universal Air Travel Plan
Validating Carrier The issuing airline whose numeric airline code is identified in the electronic ticketing transaction.  The Validating carrier shall be the controlling and authorising entity for electronic ticketing transactions.
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