How to do check-in?

In this article you will learn how to do check-in with GO7 PSS system.
Please note that the Check-in feature is additional feature to the system, and not available in all packages.

Please notice that we have a new default version to the check-in feature, to view instruction on how to use the new check-in feature, please go to this article.
If you are using the old version, please proceed with the instructions detailed here.
For your convenient, we've added interactive video at the bottom of this page, that cover the steps in this article. This video is offered to you as an additional way to learn how to accomplish the below written steps.

The check-in option is available only for flights which the check-in open button has been selected. (Not sure how to open a flight for check-in? Learn more.)

In order to start a check-in, go to Check-in module -> Check-in sub-module

From the list of flights (If more than 1), select the flight which needs to do the check-in.

In the check-in screen, you start the process of the check-in. 

  1. Filter and manifest
  2. Information and status
  3. Additional information and sum total

Filter and manifest

The top segment of the check in screen show allow you to filter the information shown below.

  • Search: You can search by PNRs in the flight for check-in.
  • All destinations / AC: You can filter results by specific routes of the flight.
  • Any status: You can filter by passenger check-in status. 
  • Complete DCS: Clock the check with the 'Departure Control System'. (DCS require external connection to the systems.)
  • Close FLT: Close the flight from making changes and amendments.
  • Drop-down menu: Select the template to print-out. (Normally manifest)
  • Save icon: Save the changes made in the check-in.
  • Gear icon: Open the flight screen.
  • Refresh icon: refresh the check-in screen's results.

Information and status

The information area shows all the information and check-in status of the passengers in the specific flight.

  • PNR column: Open view mode of the PNR.
  • INF: Select and tick the check box in the passenger is carrying an infant.
  • FF: Click and type the customer's frequent flyer information.
  • ID/PP #: Type the ID or passport number of the passenger. (Optional)
  • Nationality: Select the passenger's nationality. (Optional)
  • B/Pass #: Type the boarding pass number. (Optional)
  • Seat: Select seat by seat map. (Note: Not available for all clients. Please contact us if needs to activate)
  • B/Pass Ident.: If applicable, select the boarding pass color identification. (You can add in Check-in module -> Tag colors sub-module. Learn more.)
  • BG/Tag #: Type the baggage tag number. (Optional)
  • NOP: Type the number of pieces of baggage the passenger has.
  • KG: How much Kilograms of weight the passenger has.
  • Status: Select the the check-in status from the drop-down menu. (Need to add more status? Learn more.)
  • : Click to save the changes made for this passenger.
  • : Print out the boarding pass
  • : Print out the baggage tag

Additional information and sum total

  • Service notification: Additional notifications which were included in the flight screen, shows in the check-in module and manifest as well.
  • Crew: Crew members which has been allocated to this flight, shows in the crew column. 
  • Routing: Routing which has been written in the flight screen shows in the check-in module and manifest as well.
  • Total: Sum up the total of each status for the flight and the total according to gender.

In order to complete the check-in process on the system, click the Complete DCS check box on the top area of the check-in.

PNR Indications for Checked-in Passengers

When you you process a passenger through the check-in module, the system will also implement a color indication in the Travellers section within the PNR.

Once a passenger has been set with a check-in status in the system or the system detected that the passenger's flight has been opened for check-in, the passenger name in the PNR will be automatically highlighted with the relevant color based on each status.

List of color indicators for passengers:

Checked-in / Boarded:


Check-in is open, status has not been selected yet for the passenger:

Video Tutorial


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by submitting a ticket to our Support department, and we will be more than happy to assist you. 


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