Mass fare update

In order to “Mass update” your fares, please follow this procedure:

  1. Go to “Fares"
  2. Filter the results on the screen according to the ones you wish to “mass update” 
  3. After you have the filtered results on the screen, a new button will show “Special export” 
  4. Download the mass update fare file from the system by clicking the button
  5. Update the fares using Excel / Numbers and save the file
  6. Be sure to save the file in the same format (CSV)
  7. Click on “Mass update fares” icon (notice that difference between the icons, you have an icon to "upload new fares")
  8. Upload the file.
  9. The fares will be updated unless you will get an error message notifying you about a duplicate or something else.


Please note of the following "meta data" which needs to be translated in the files to number:

  • Fare active - 1=Active, 0=Not active
  • Charge TAX  on VAT - 1=Active, 0=Not active
  • Fare type:
    • 1: OW/RT combination
    • 2: OW fare
    • 3: RT fare (use OW fields)

 Video tutorial that demonstrate the above steps:

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