Station VAT

In this article, we will explore the "Station VAT" feature

  • The station VAT allows you to have a setting per user or origin of the allocated VAT 
  • If a user with Station VAT is set to the station/origin, then all the sales will take the VAT from the station setting and not from the fare setting.
  • The fare must have a "Basic" VAT setting, otherwise the feature won't work.

In order to setup "Station VAT" please follow this procedure:

  1. Go to "Administrations" module
  2. Go to "Users" sub-module
  3. Make sure the user have a "Station" configured (free text)
  4. Go to "Marketing" module
  5. Go to "Fares" sub-module
  6. Make sure you have a VAT on a fare, this VAT will be for all users (even without station)
  7. Go to "Administrations" Module
  8. Go to "Station VAT" sub-module
  9. Create a record, the station name must match (case sensitive) to the name in the user's setting.
  10. From now on, the system will take the VAT in this station setting and will override the setting in the fare.


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