Excel tip - "Sub total"

Sometimes, you get a report with a lot of dates, and you want to "Sub-total" the report according to what you would like.

Here is a tip how:

We have taken the "Flights checked in revenue" for example, as we would like to see how many seats I've flown per month.

  1. Pull the report to CSV
  2. Open it in Excel
  3. Add a new column which will pull the month from the date column (in this example we have put "=month(A2)" in column G
  4. Copy it for all the sells in the same column.
  5. Go to "Data" tab and click "Subtotal"
  6. Now here you can select what is it you want it to "group" together, in this example we have told Excel to sum the "Seats" with every change in "month"
    MAKE SURE THE DATA IS SORTED CORRECTLY (per date in our example)
  7. Click on OK
  8. You will get list now, click on the "2" icon on the far top right,
    This will be the result:
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