LDS/API clients and connectivity types

In this article, we will explore the options for activating LDS/API for your airline, enabling sales on the LDS/API integrator.

There are various types of connectivity to your systems:

  1. CRS Users: These are users within your own company who log in to the system to make bookings for direct customers or on behalf of agencies.
  2. CRS Agent Users: Users from agencies who log in to the system to make bookings on behalf of their agencies.
  3. Agent Web Users: Users from agencies who log in to the website to make bookings on behalf of their agencies.
  4. API Connection: This is an application connectivity that links one computer system to another. It allows a system from another company to connect to GO7 using a computer interface, enabling users of that system to book your inventory without logging in to the CRS using traditional methods.
  5. GO7 Travel Customer: This is an application provided by GO7 to travel websites, enabling them to display and book your inventory without any investment on their part.

For API connections, there are four types of implementations:

  1. Direct Access: The company implementing the API can book your inventory directly. You need to grant them permission and provide a credit limit for ticketing bookings. They need to open an account with each airline individually.
  2. Referral Only Mode: The company implementing the API only refers customers to your website, where they can complete the booking and make payments directly to you.
  3. GO7 BSP: The company implementing the API does not want to open accounts with individual airlines. Instead, they pay GO7 a deposit, which is then transferred to you. A commission of $2 per segment is deducted from the payment to cover operational costs at GO7, and bank transfer fees are also incurred on your side. Airlines can opt-out of GO7 BSP if they prefer, by contacting GO7.
  4. 3G Directpay xPAY: The company implementing the API also integrates 3G Directpay for payments. Payments are either redirected directly to your account at 3G Directpay, or an xPay transaction is conducted to transfer the funds. This option is applicable to airlines using 3G Directpay exclusively.

You may be approached by an API implementing company or GO7 travel customer to activate this connectivity.

Follow this article to activate the LDS/API client:


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