21/Jul/2015 - Cashier limit and deposit refund

Dear customers,

Today we have added 2 new features:

  1. Limiting cashier for maximum total receipts the user can receive in a limitless time scale, for example, if you would like to limit a specific cashier until he brings you the money from the out station or deposits it into the company bank account.
    1. To activate - go to "Administrations" > "Users" and update the user "Cashier balance" to the MAX amount you would like the user to be limited for.
    2. Each receipt the user will insert from now on will update this balance and reduce it.
    3. When the user will try to input a new receipt above his balance, the system will not allow it.
    4. If the cashier balance is set to 0 then the system will not limit the user in any way.
    5. If you would like to update the balance of the cashier for the user to be allowed to accept more funds, you can update it back to the limit at any time.

  2. Deposit used in a PNR can not be refunded back into the deposit account, if done by mistake or you would like to utilize the deposit in another PNR.
    In order to refund a deposit, please follow the regular procedure of a refund and select the "Deposit" type.
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