Add a new language and words to Ref Templates

This article will review the necessary steps to create additional languages and translations for "Ref Templates

Create a language

  1. Go to "RefT Lang" inside "Administrations" module.
  2. Add a new language by clicking on "New" and type the language name. Don't forget to mark it as "Active".
  3. Click on "Save".

Translate words

  1. After adding the language, a new set of words will automatically be created for you to translate it.
  2. Go to "RefT Words" inside "Administrations" module.
  3. Activate a filter and choose the desired language.
  4. Translate each word or phrase as you wish:

Attach the language to a Ref Template

  1. Go to "Ref Templates" inside "Administrations" module.
  2. Choose the desired ref template or create a new one.
  3. Attach the language using this selector:
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