Book offline pay online

Do you have a customer which talks to you and do the booking offline (using the phone...) and wants to finalize the booking online, pay using his credit card and print his own ticket?

There are a few ways:

  1. The customer can log-in to his website profile, using the e-mail and a password you can give him while he does the booking in this screen:

    Ask the customer to login to the website, on the "My account page" he will see his pending bookings, where he can click on them and update the passenger details, agree to the ticket terms, pay on-line and print a ticket.
  2. If you have filled the passenger details, the customer can look for his booking using the "Find reservation" tool, once he finds the reservation, he can click the button "Pay now" and choose the mode of payment.
  3. If you have sent the customer an e-mail where the "Ref template" is enabled with "Website link" then the customer can click the link in the e-mail and click the "Pay now" button.

All of the procedures above will allow the customer to update his passenger details, add / remove flights from his itinerary and pay online and print a ticket.

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