29/Nov/2016 - Multi-currency deposit

Dear customers,

This morning we have launched the option to have multi currency deposits on the system and website.

When you enter a deposit to an agency using the "New deposit" method on the "Deposit" sub-module, you are able to select the currency deposited.

The system will keep the deposit in the different currencies:

You can also see the agency deposit in the "Balance" screen in the different currencies:

The system will keep the deposit in the specific currency, when the agent would like to use the deposit, the system will then allow him to choose from which currency he would like to utilize the deposit.
Only when applying the deposit in the selected currency, the system will take the current conversion rate.

For example:

  • You have an agency which deposited 10,000 NIS and 5,000 USD
  • The deposit is kept using the selected currency.
  • If there is a new PNR for payment for 100 USD, the agency can pick:
    • Utilize 100 USD from the 5,000 deposit
    • Utilize 100 USD from the 10,000 NIS deposit with the current conversion rate.

Additional issues attended in this development

  • We have added the selection of the "Currency" to the "Deposit statement" report as well, so you can now issue a deposit statement per the currency of the agency.
  • Split PNRs which use deposit will continue to use the deposit in the default company currency on the system.
  • When a deposit is done using "over payment" the system will take the default company currency on the system.
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