19/DEC/2015 - Updated Booking ref templates

Dear Customers,

Today we would like to update you, that we did some work on the booking templates in the system and we have fixed a few bugs and improved features, you can also now select the templates which are automatically sent to customers for "Web confirmations", "PTL reminder" and "TTL reminder" so you can add or change the default text which is there.

Features and Bug fixes

  • Bug fix - HTML tags might show in the text 
  • Bug fix - Additional text would not appear on print out 
  • Added feature - When the invoice table is shown, there is a link to the original invoice(within each record).
  • Added feature - When the receipt table is shown, there is a link to the original receipt (within each record).
  • Barcode reader - will show the booking according to the specific template sent (not the general template as before)

Setup or change specific designs

In order to facilitate the flow of information, we have automatically created all the basic templates which were sent to your customers in your "Templates" repository.

  • Web Confirmation - Is sent to all customers which finalise a booking on the website.
  • PTL reminder - Sent to agents according to agency and PNR definitions
  • TTL reminder - Sent to agents according to agency and PNR definitions

Example of PTL reminder template:


You can either change the templates we have created or select your relevant templates under "Update ticket terms"

Thank you,

If you have any questions about this development, please let us know at support@aerocrs.com

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