Enabling automatic currency updates

In this article we will review the automatic currency updates feature in the system.

You will need first to register for an "AppID" in the following website:

A developer account would be enough.

Once you have registered, send support the AppID you got and we will update your system.

Make sure your base and other curreinces are supported here:

After you have received confirmation that your AppID is loaded to the system, you will need to activate it for the specific currencies you want to be auto updated.

In order to activate it on your system, follow this procedure:

  1. Create a new currency or select an existing one.
  2. Make sure that the currency code is the same as written in the list above (if you fail to have a valid currency code, the update will fail)
  3. Mark “Auto update”
  4. If you would like to update the percentage of the exchange rate, change the “100” on the “Change” to whatever you would like either add by writing 105 for example, or less by writing 95 on this field.
  5. The update will run once you save.

The system will automatically update this once an hour.
Updates are logged as “System changes” in the currency exchange log report.

NOTE - Exchange rate information is in the responsibility of openexchangerates.

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