06/FEB/2016 - Valid invoice

Dear customers,

Due to a request from several of our customers to change the invoicing element in our system, we have improved the system "show last invoice" element.

From now on, the system will always keep the "Valid invoice" which means the invoice which is valid in the booking, for example:
If an invoice of $200 was issued, it would be the "only" valid invoice in the booking and in the reports, if a full credit was issued for the booking, there will be no valid invoice, as the booking is 100% cancelled.

If an invoice of $200 was issued, cancelled and a new invoice was issued after the amendments of the booking, the new invoice will be the valid invoice.

You can see the options to select the print out of "Show only valid invoices" in the:

  1. Invoices report
  2. Batch invoice report
  3. Agent statement

This way, your reports to agents will be "clearer" as they will have only the valid invoices.

In order to ease the process, the valid invoice in the PNR is highlighted in green.

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