04/APR/2016 - New online check-in features

Dear customers,

Today we've added several new improvements to the online check-in feature:

  1. Automatic emailing of boarding pass - upon successful check-in, the system will email the boarding pass via email to the passenger with the. The format is attached below.
  2. Disable check-in for specific SSR - a new checkbox in SSR screen allows you to block online check-in for pax with this SSR attached to. The notice for the pax is attached below.
  3. Notification in SITA message - online check-in is now attached to the PNL/ADL to notifiy to DCS systems that online check-in was made.
  4. Block check-in for Pay@CI - online check-in is now blocked for all pax with the "Pay at check-in" payment form in their PNR.


Boarding pass format (text is adjustable):



Disabled check-in notice for blocked SSR (text is adjustable):


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