10/Mar/2015 - AeroCRS introducing new version features and updates

Dear customers,

In our latest release launched we are introducing some new features and updates:


SMS new feature (currently on BETA stage) allows to send SMS to customers with details regarding their bookings.

SMS Templates

SMS templates are managed under Administration->SMS Templates.
SMS template can contain variables which the system would automatically replace with content from the relevant booking:

  • {PNRREF} – PNR Reference.
  • {PNRNAME} – PNR name.
  • {PTLGMT} – Payment time limit in GMT.
  • {TTLGMT} – Ticketing time limit in GMT.
  • {CUSTNAME} – Customer name.
  • {AGTNAME} – Agency name.
  • {PAXNAME} – Passenger name (valid only if sent to the passenger).
  • {PNRLINK} – Link to booking.

SMS via PNR screen

SMS can be sent from the booking PNR screen:

  1. Click on SMS button in PNR screen to open send SMS window
  2. Tick the checkbox of the requested phone number out of customer’s phone numbers list
  3. Fill the free text field with SMS content, or choose SMS template (see 1.1 – SMS Templates).
  4. Click send button.

The SMS containing the booking details according to the text or SMS template will be sent to the ticked numbers.

SMS via flight screen

SMS can be also sent from single flight screen by clicking on SMS button (same steps as SMS via PNR screen).

E-mail via flight screen

E-mail message can be sent from single flight screen by clicking on E-mail button (same as e-mail message from flight series screen).

Permission group printout

A print button is added to print permission group (under Administration->permissions).

Permission group members

A list of users in each permission group is added to the permission group footer.

New Website 2.0 Modules and Training

New website 2.0 modules have been added to the system.

AeroCRS technical staff is currently working on deploying all companies’ new websites.

Each company will be contacted individually by mail to schedule a training with AeroCRS support.

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