23/Nov/2014 Version 4.42 – Improved time zone support

Dear customers,

In our latest release, version 4.42 launched today we are introducing an improvement to the management of time zones.
Until today, the zone management was in the “Company settings” section and in the “Destination” setup.

Starting today, you will be able to see specific timings on the booking system according to user specific time zone setting.

First, I would like to ask all administrators to make sure that your “Destinations” are set to the correct GMT difference, to do so, go to “Operations administrations” > “Destinations” and set the GMT difference in numbers (a minus can be added if needed for our Western Hemisphere customers), please make sure all destinations are setup correctly in order for the system to calculate accurate TTL.

Second, you can now setup the time zones per the user local time zone, you have multiple ways to do so:

  • A user can set it for himself, by clicking the username on the top of the system and selecting their time zone.
  • An administrator can setup each individual user setting in the “Users” section, under “Administrations”
  • An agents CRS administrator can setup individual user settings in the “Agents CRS users” under “Agents”
  • An administrator can ask our support to to set all his existing users and destinations to a specific time zone by opening a support ticket.

The features which will be affected by this change of time zone display:

  • Timings in the system for action time
  • Timings in the PNR log
  • Timings in the TTL and PTL

This feature does NOT affect:

  • Timings of the flights or booking availability – remains in the local timing according to company setup.
  • Reports timings – remains GMT for logs and local timings for services (flights etc.)
  • Screen filter system – remains GMT

We hope you will make the best of this new feature, as usual we are here to help you in any of the support channels.

AeroCRS R&D team.

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