21/Aug/2014 - Version 4.38

Dear customers, today 21/08/2014 we have loaded version 4.38 which includes the following changes:

  1. Check-in screen:
    1. We have added the ability to search by passenger name, in the updated screen, you have a new search engine, where you can filter using the passenger first name or last name in addition to the other filters.
  2. Reports:
    1. New booking certificates report
      A new report to show you the used and not used booking certificates in the system.
      In order to enable the report for your self and your users, please go to “Administrations” module and click the “Permissions” sub-module, the report will be in the list of reports to enable permission.
    2. Manifest
      We have added the signature line to be added to each page in case of aircraft breakdown.
  3. Manifest order:
    1. The function of allocating an A/C to passengers has changed, to allocate an aircraft to passengers, follow this procedure:
      1. Select an aircraft from the top of the list.
      2. Check the passengers which you want to allocate to this aircraft.
      3. Click Save
      4. Repeat steps 1-3 for another aircraft.
  4. Destinations notifications
    A new module was added to the “Operations administrations” : “DST Notifications” – this module allows you to configure a message to specific system places which the notification will be shown on.


    1. Go to the module
    2. Add a new record
    3. Service dates are the flight booking date
    4. Select the destination
    5. Write the notification
    6. Select a color using the color picker
    7. Check the places where you want the notification to be shown:
      1. User availability screen – Will be shown to company users during availability process
      2. Agents CRS availability screen – Will be shown to external agents using agents CRS during system availability process
      3. PNR screen – Will be shown on the PNR screen
      4. REF templates – Will be shown as part of the flight rules in the ref template (If flight rules and remarks is marked in the ref template)
  5. Additions to REF template setup
    We have added a few more options to the REF template setup:


    1. Company Logo and Company address have been separated and you can select if you want to have the address shown on the template.
    2. Show VAT – The option to show the VAT per service line
    3. Show Company currency – Will show the company currency with exchange rate (similar to shown on invoice)
  6. Small issues and bug fixes:
    1. Discounts report can be exported to PDF and CSV.
    2. Added a log to PNR name change.
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