22/Jul/2014 - Frequent flyer new feature

Hello to all customers,

Today, we have finalized yet another development which will allow you to send e-mails to your frequent flyer members directly from your system.

The new feature enables you to create a promotional or information e-mail template, prepare it for e-mailing and then select the profile of the members you wish to send it to, for example, all this month birthdays, using our regular system advanced filtering system and with one click, just send it to all frequent flyer members.

To do this, follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to “Frequent flyer” > “E-mails”
  2. Create a template e-mail:
    1. The internal name is something which is unique per record for example: “Monthly members – July 2014” and will be used within the system only.
    2. E-mail subject – which will appear on the subject of the system.
    3. Content – Put what ever content you would like, images etc, links etc.
    4. You can put also replaceable variables: {memberfirstname} – Member first name {memberlastname} – Member last name {memebercounter} – Member points/miles count
      The system will automatically replace the {} with the relevant variable.
  3. After you have created the template you want to send to customers it will be in status “PREP”
  4. Go to “Members” sub-module and filter the members you wish to send the template to using the standard system filter.
  5. A new button will show next to the regular e-mail screen “Send e-mails”
  6. Click on it and select the template you want to send and click “SEND”
  7. The e-mail template will now be in “Sending” mode, your e-mails will be sent out within the next hours.

This advanced promotional e-mailing option is coming within a few months to all customers, agents, CRS agents in the system, so you will be able to send promotional e-mails to all the contacts within our system.

The e-mails are sent out using advanced e-mailing servers located in 7 locations over the world with anti-spam features, please make sure your e-mail is not full with images or links in order to downgrade the spam listing.

Up-on request, we can also supply you with a report of your e-mail performance, clicks etc.

We wish you a productive use of this new feature.

AeroCRS Team.

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