30/Oct/2013 - Version 4.18

The following updates were made to version 4.18:

  1. Select your passenger recorded information
    We have added a provision to the system that you can now select which information you would like to record regarding your passengers in addition to the Title, First name, Last name and Age which are fixed to the system, You can update these features under “Company settings” button in “Administrations” > “Users” tab.


    1. Phone number – Free text
    2. Nationality – Selection from country list
    3. Passport number – Free text
    4. Passport expiry – Date
    5. Place of birth – Selection from country list
    6. Date of birth – Date
    7. Passport country – Selection from country list
    8. E-mail – E-mail address
  2. Customize request of mandatory information
    In addition to the recorded passenger information, you can now mark, which of the above recorded information should be mandatory when entering a passenger record.
    To update which of the above fields are mandatory, please go to the “Company settings” button on the “Administrations” > “Users” tab.
  3. The option to set “Child age mandatory for CRS users” if you want the CRS to ask child’s age each time when someone enters a child, you should mark this check box – it is also under the “Company settings” tab.
  4. E-mail PNR changes:
    1. CC passenger – if you have selected to record the e-mail of the passenger, you can now e-mail the passenger a copy of the ticket or any ref template you will choose will be copied to the passenger e-mail.
    2. Attach e-mail – if you are using our e-mail archive option, you can now send the content of the saved e-mail, when you have an e-mail attached, the option will show in the E-mail PNR screen
  5. New reports:
    1. Cancellations – The report shows the cancelled services according to selected dates
    2. Class breakdown per route – The report shows the breakdown of different classes per routes
    3. Top agents per route – The report shows all the routes and their top 20 agencies
    4. Load factor report – The report shows the load factor and revenue per hour per flight.
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