01/Aug/2013 - Version 4.1

The following updates were made to version 4.1

  1. Support update
    1. We have added a unique identifier for each error case, this will help you get better support, when you encounter such an error please report it in our HELP button or the support e-mail, the error details are kept in our system so we can better analyze the error you had.
    2. We have upgraded our support chat system, and the green help button now gives you more options (like open a ticket, not just chat), Please use the HELP button or support e-mail for each support ticket, as we will be phasing out the support give by our individual e-mails, chats or Skype accounts, this gives us better control over your requests.
    3. On 1/Jun 2013 we will be giving support and training for end customer on request, so if you want your end customers (agents / end customers) to have chat support enabled for them, you can ask this from AeroCRS, additional fees apply.
  2. System updates
    1. Chartres data can not be changed after ticketing (invoicing)
    2. Printout of receipts of “Debit card” now show the type if it was selected.
  3. PNR screen
    1. We have added the option to edit the PNR name, by clicking on the name of the PNR at the top of the PNR screen, you can edit the name given at first.
      Administrators – You will need to give the permission called “Reservation control > PNR > Edit PNR name” to user groups for them to use this feature.
  4. Reports update:
    1. New report – “Batch Bookings” – This report will generate a batch printing of booking data (itinerary, quotes etc) per day according to a selected “Ref template”.
    2. New report – “Routing summary by day of the week” –  This report will display the routing summary data either by revenue or by passengers quantity per day of the week.
    3. Updated report – “Charters” – Added routing timings.
    4. We have added the option to schedule reports for a specific month of the year (in the “For” selection)
    5. Scheduled reports admin – For all of the administrators groups, we have added to “Administrations” module, a new sub-module called “Scheduled reports” – this module will allow you to see all the scheduled reports set by all users from your company, so you can deactivate / update them from this interface, note that additional filters made by the user for the specific report are not editable here, only by the user itself, general timings, for, and e-mail etc, are updateable here.
  5. Permissions:
    1. New permission in CRS Users and Agents CRS Users – “Allow ticketing” – this option gives you the ability to allow or not allow a specific user the permission of ticketing (invoicing) a booking, this check-box was marked for all existing users as “Active” as it was the permission before this new feature.
  6. Search box
    1. Added the option to search by ticket number  (TKT)
  7. Bug fixes
    1. Code share flight rules appearing with HTML encoding (%20) instead of space – Issue resolved.
    2. Over booking of flights overruled by some elements of the new availability screen – Issue resolved.
    3. When a booking is with children, and an Open service is added, the booking will halt operation due to adult/children mismatch, the issue was fixed and you have the option of children qty within the “Open Service” now.
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