18/Mar/2013 - Version 4.0 & Upcoming Webinars

  1. New availability screen
    1. New Structure Design: flights are separated by dividers and columns
    2. Local currency: Now you can show the availability results and the PNR in a different exchange rate (The basic pricing of the PNR will still be in USD but the presentation will be according to the selected exchange rate)
    3. Performance improvement: We’ve optimized the performance, and now the availability operation is much more faster than before.
    4. Icons of flight availability: We’ve added 3 new round icons that shows
      the flight status:


      1. Green: Flight is available for booking
      2. Blue: Flight is available for booking, yet does not have any bookings for this destinations, and there might be an alert for min. PAX to the destination.
      3. Red: Flight is full and not available for booking
      4. Purple: Flight is full but available for booking on request.
    5. Min. PAX for destination: A new feature, that allows you to set a minimum passengers limit in order to book a flight (for specific destinations) You can set this limit by going to the destinations section (under the ‘Operations administrations’ module). Just open any existing destination to see the Min. booking limit feature
    6. New “Landing timing” in destination time add-on: Landing times can be changed through the DST Time addon (under the ‘Operations administrations’ module)
    7. Rules notification: An Icon of notification will show next to the flight if the flight have special rules attached to it, the rules will appear on the bottom upon selection.
    8. No limits of classes per flight: Now you can add as many flight classes as you need per flight (max 9 per the flight screen creation limit)
    9. Multi segment booking: You can book multi-segment bookings (2 flights at a time including the through fare deduction) Make sure you have a through fare (old circuit fare) setup correctly and search for the relevant flight in the availability screen.
  2. Through fares – new options (child fare, class)
    Now you can enter through fares (aka Circuit Fares) for a child and a Class as well
  3. New Booking certificate
    This new feature allows you to give a customer, or one of the company agents a certificate to book at a later time. A booking certificate can also be used as a gift certificate for example.


    1. This feature is individual for each user, and should be added as a permission.
      In order to add this permission, go to the ‘administrations’ module, click on the Users tab and then choose the user you wish to allow issuing booking certifications. Once you chose the user, you may thick the ‘Issue booking certificates’ check-box to enable it. – This will enable a specific user to ISSUE a certificate, for a user to UTILIZE a certificate, no special permission is required.
    2. In order to issue a booking certificate, you should start a new booking process first. Once you’ve started the booking process, (and you have the permission) you’ll see a new button, named ‘BC’. Click on that button in order to open the booking certificate window. At the booking certificate window you have several options:
      1. Cost: Here you can decide whether you want to charge the customer on issuing this booking certificate or not. Leave this 0 unless you wish to charge the customer.
      2. Valid From/Valid To: Select the validity dates for that specific booking certificate.
      3. Max Fare: The maximum fare to be covered by this certificate. Leave it at 0 will charge the customer up to the total charge of the certificate. Use in agent booking: Chose whether you want to enable this booking certificate for an agent booking
      4. Cover taxes: Chose whether you want the booking certificate to cover the booking taxes or not
      5. Max PAX: Enter the maximum number of passengers per the service of the gift certificate
      6. From/To/Class: Restrict this specific booking certificate to a specific destination and/or specific class
    3. In order to use the gift certificate, follow the steps below:
      1. Start a new booking process
      2. Within the booking screen, click on the Discount button
      3. Chose the ‘Gift Certificate Ref.’ and then enter the gift certificate reference number
    4. The booking certificate have several rules:
      1. A certificate cannot be deleted if used
      2. A certificate cannot be used in the same PNR
      3. A certificate is used per leg.
      4. You must issue a ticket in the originating PNR to use a certificate in another PNR.
  4. Small changes to the system:
    1. Services list (the services list is accessed from the flight screen using the icon for “Service list”):
      1. Added Status of the service (Confirmed, Holding needs, Request)
      2. Added status of the parent booking (PNR status).
    2. Added the option to remove to all administrator groups.
      1. We have made a special check and found that some administrator groups did not have the option to remove flights, customers and remarks from PNR, we have changed that and that permission can not be given to your sub-groups using the permissions module.
  5. Fixed issues:
    1. When using “Free routing” option, the system won’t allow it to be used on some destinations – this is now fixed.
  6. In order to learn more on the new features above, you can watch our webinar YouTube video here:

  7. Upcoming Webinars
    Webinars are very informative and productive. We strongly recommend you to register
    to the following webinars, as it will help you to better understand the
    system features and how to operate them


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