10/Oct/2011 - Version 3.85


This is  an update regarding recent changes to the system, this is a small update for version 3.85.

  1. Cancellation policy improvements
    We’ve updated the cancellation policy system on the classes to better fit all airlines in our system and to give you better flexibility.


    1. In each class, you can now select for each cancellation policy period one of four options:
      1. Percent per service
        A cancellation policy of a perenctage of the service cost
      2. USD Per pax per service 
        A cancellation amount of USD per passenger per service
      3. USD Per pax
        A cancellation amount of USD per passenger (regardless of how many services there are in a PNR)
      4. Percent Per PNR
        A cancellation precentage out of the total costs of the flight services in a PNR.
    2. Explanation:
      The system allows you to decide how you are charging the client when he cancelles, either per service or per the PNR ticket.


      • For example, if your cancellation policy goes by the first flight that the customer is flying and when the customer cancelles a ticketed PNR the cancellation policy should not take in to concidiration that the customer is flying out in period 1 but flies back in period 3, then you should go by the cancellation policy that goes by the PNR (“USD per pax” and “Perencent per PNR”)
      • But if you want that when a customer cancelles, the system should look on each service and break it down, so if a customer is flying on period 1 and on period 3 and you have different cancellation policies for those periods, then you should use the cancellation policies that goes by the service (“Percent per service” and “USD Per pax per service”)
  2. New in “Users” module:
    The ability to set which users are allowed to manage agencies limits and terms information.


    • New checkbox: “Allow agents control”
    • This will allow the users ticked with this checkbox to control agencies credit control, terms etc. (only specific fields in the agents form).
  3. Resolved issues:
    1. Agent discounts saving (Discount by leg and discount by fare) saving, was not saving with 2 decimals, this issue was resolved.
    2. Agents discount button, was showing even if leg discount was 0% – issue resolved.
    3. Agents discount button, issue with more than 999$ – resolved.
    4. Check-in screen – some browsers were adding “Infant” to each saved check-in – resolved.
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