In this article we will review the packages option.

What is package?

Package is a way to sell your flights as fully bundled tourist attraction packages, along with hotels and other attractions, online. 

The package will appear to your customers as a detailed day-by-day description of a tour, so that they can see, get an impression and pay for the full bundle straight on your AeroCRS booking engine.

Packages management is located in Packages sub-module inside the Packages module. In order to create a new package, press the New button:


Let's see the options that you can set there:

  1. Active - sets your new package active/inactive.
  2. Allow booking on request for this package.
  3. Book always on RQ  - all bookings of this packages will be marked as 'On Request' status (if you need to approve them manually).
  4. Name (internal) - set an internal name for this package, that will show up in the CRS. The internal name is mandatory and must be unique in the system.
  5. Days Qty - the total quantity of days to stay.
  6. Destination - the package destination. It will be shown on the site in the Packages dropdown menu as a menu item name
  7. Type - allows you to bulk packages management (activate or deactivate, show or hide on website). You can create the package types in the Package Types sub-module of the Packages module
  8. Package dates - From and To dates limits the stay. Sell From and Sell to dates limits the package dates to be sold within.
  9. Name - external package name, that will be shown to your customers. It must be unique.
  10. Description - the general description of a package.

After filling this form and saving, you will get to the Package screen. In this screen you should set the package details, just follow the purple button on the bottom of the page:


  1. +Day Description - opens a pop-up window where you can add a description for each day of the package. Choose the day on the top window, fill the description in the Description field and choose an image that will illustrate the day in the Image drop-down list (you can add images to this list at Website->Storage module)
  2. +Flight - opens a pop-up where you can add a flight to a package. Choose a day of a flight, From and To points, and a time of day - and the system will automatically find the flights for the customer according to the specific order dates 
  3. +LDS Flight - if you have an Local Distribution System agreement with other AeroCRS airline, you can add an LDS flight to your package. If you don't know, what is LDS, you can read more here
  4. Rules - opens a pop-up to fill the general package rules, terms and conditions, and will be shown in the Terms and Conditions section on the package page
  5. Pricing - opens a pop-up, where you can set the prices (Adult&Child), pricing periods and days of the week for each price row (you can differ the prices according to specific periods and days of the week). Please note, that the pricing periods that you set should cover all of the package period (if you don't have package price for a certain period it will not show for that period). What you set is shown to your customers in "Period of service, departure days and fares" section on the package page.
  6. As you set all of the above settings, check the Show On Web checkbox on the top of the Package screen.

You're done! As soon as you have an active package that's set to show up on website, the Packages list will appear automatically on the website header, with all of your packages inside.

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    Can you book packages from CRS system?

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    How can we have access to the Packages module?

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