05/JUN/2016 - New PNL/ADL management screen

Dear customers,

Today we've launched the PNL/ADL management screen.

This screen is accessible via the flight screen and unifies all actions regarding PNL and ADL messaging:

The PNL/ADL management screen contains several sections:

Queued messages list [1]

  • All queued messages will appear here. Once the message is sent, it is marked as "Sent".
  • Message type - is either PNL (Pax name list) or ADL (Pax additions/deletions list).
  • Re-queue message - clicking will cause the clicked message to be sent again.
  • Address - either e-mail or SITA address, according to destination setting.

Message content [2]

  • Clicking on a specific message in the messages list will display the message content here.

PNL/ADL action buttons [3]

  • Buttons description from left to right:
  •  Show current PNL - show the current state PNL in a new window, inclusive of all additions. It acts as a display button only and will not re-queue PNL..
  •  Re-queue PNL - sends a brand new PNL to the PNL address defined in destination setting, inclusive of all additions.
  •  Send additional ADL - resend ADL message. To be used when flight changes were made after ADL message was sent and you wish to compile a new one with the latest changes.


Current list of cases which will trigger ADL events:

  • updating pax details (CHG element)
  • new ticketed PNR (ADD element)
  • cancelled PNR ticket (DEL element)
  • completing online check-in (CHG element along with .R/ACKI element attached to pax)


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