Frequent Passengers Program: How-to

The Frequent Passenger module in GO7 PSS allows you to create your own customers' club. You can make a list of frequent passengers, manage their bonus points achievement and spending rules. Let's see, how it works.


1. Setting the levels

GO7 PSS allows you to set different levels for your frequent passengers. In order to do it, go to the frequent passengers->Levels, and press the New button. The new pop-up with the settings will open:


For each level, you should set its name (must be unique), and its points interval. This interval will serve to move the member from level to level automatically.

2. Setting the earning rules

In order to set the rules of earning the frequent passengers points, go to frequent passengers->Earning rules, and press the New button:

The earning rules are set per route per class per frequent passenger level and have their appliance period. 
When you set these four settings, you should set the earned points themselves, and there are three types of points:

  1. Awarded points - the points that are used to pay with them for further flights. These points have no expiration period.
  2. Status points - these points are used to calculate the customer level (due to settings that you've set while setting levels). These points may expire due to company settings (they are inexpiable by default). Expiration period is set for you by the GO7 team by your demand. Note, that the level changing is made manually - system won't touch the member's status on it's own.
  3. Bonus points acts like awarded points, but have an option to expire (expiration period is set for you by an GO7 team as well).

3. Setting the spending rules

So now let's define how your customer will use the points awarded - go to the Spending Rules submodule, and press the New button: 

Spending is set by the same criteria as earning - for each rule set the route, class, appliance period, frequent passenger level and a price of the flight in points.

4. Setting up a communication with your frequent Passengers

In order to communicate with your frequent passenger, you can set up some standard email templates, and send them when you need. In order to set up those templates, enter the E-mails sub-module, and press the new button:

While composing such a templates, you can use 4 keywords in curly braces, that will be replaced with the real customer data at the moment of sending: 

  1. {memberfirstname} will be replaced with member's first name
  2. {memberlastname} will be replaced with member's last name
  3. {memebercounter} will be replaced with the member's points counter
  4. {ffnumber} will be replaced with the customer's member number

We will see how to send those messages in the next chapter.

5. Managing the members

In order to manage your frequent passengers, go to the Members submodule. There you can see the list of all of your frequent passengers, create new (by clicking the New button) and edit the existing ones (by clicking on the member's name in the list). This how the member's details window look like:


Here you must fill member's email, name, address, phone and level; all other fields are optional. FF number will be filled automatically if you don't fill it. Movements Screen button will bring you to the Movements screen, filtered by that member.

In order to send emails to members, 

you should filter the members list with Filter button (1), and then press the Email button (2). The pop-up with the list of pre-prepared templates will appear - choose the one that you want to send and press the Send button.

6. Movements screen

In the Movements sub-module you can see all of the member's movements with relevant information regarding the points earning/spending:

On this screen you can also create a manual movement (by pressing the New button), or open the PNR that movement was made in.


Note: Points are updated at a pre-defined interval after the flight itself.

You can set the interval in the company settings:


7. Using the points for booking

There are two ways to add the frequent passenger to the booking: 

  1. While adding the passenger details, after writing passenger's first and last name, press the zooming glass button in the same row
  2. While adding the passenger's details, write down his FF number in the FF Number field, and press the same zooming glass button.

In both cases, all the rest of passenger details will fill up automatically.

Afterwards, press the Discount button, choose Award Flights option and choose the appropriate flight:

After applying the discount you will see, that the flight itself is paid by the Flight award, and the only thing that's left to pay are taxes: 


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