19/Apr/2015 - New Features

Dear Customers,
In the new update we introduce some new features:
  1. Cargo rated currency
    On new cargo rate creation (marketing->cargo rates) added the ability to determine rate currency under the field ‘currency’
  2. Booking Analysis report
    Charters flights will now appear on the booking analysis report (reports->booking analysis).
  3. Footer designed text for manifest
    On manifest template (administration->manifest template), added the option to add a footer designed text.
  4. Crew List on routing screen
    On routing screen (operations->seat control->routing) Added the option to select crew from a list of crew in the flight routing screen.
    To include crew members check the ‘crew’ checkbox on manifest template.
  5. Status icons in flight screen
    Status icons added to flights screen which will show the status of the checked in passenger
  6. No show passengers will now show red in the PNR.


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