18/Nov/2014 - Updated Feature: SSR Controlled List

AeroCRS presents the following updated feature: add passenger SSR controlled list for a specific leg (the SSR are given without any extra charge of payment)

The special remarks tags are created and managed on SSR sub module.

To create a new SSR:

  1. Go to Operation Administration->SSR.
  2. Click on ‘New’ button. new SSR window will be opened.
  3. Fill the SSR code and details and click ‘Save’ button.
  4. The new SSR will be saved in the SSR table and can be edited. 

To add SSR to a passenger on PNR screen:

  1. Click on ‘*’ button next to the passenger name, on PNR screen.
  2. Type in the required SSR in the required leg field (No limits to number of SSR inserted per pax).
  3. Click on ‘Save’ button.

To Add SSR to manifest:

  1. Go to Administration->Manifest.
  2. Click on the requested manifest template.
  3. Tick ‘SSR’ Checkbox.
  4. Click ‘Save’ button.


To load the following SSR Example list to your system please contact support:

KSML-Kosher meal
AVML-Asian vegetarian meal
BBML-Infant or baby food
BLML-Bland or soft meal
CHML-Child meal
DBML-Diabetic meal
GFML-Gluten-free meal
HNML-Hindu meal
LCML-Low calorie meal
LFML-Low cholesterol, low fat meal
LSML-Low sodium, no salt added meal
MAAS-Meet and assist
MEDA-Medical case
MOML-Muslim meal
NLML-Non-lactose meal
SFML-Seafood meal
SPML-Special meal
VGML-Vegetarian meal, non-dairy
VJML-Vegetarian Jain meal
VLML-Vegetarian meal, lacto-ovo
VOML-Vegetarian oriental meal
BULK-Bulky baggage
DEAF-Deaf passenger
DEPA-Accompanied deportee
DPNA-Disabled Passenger with Intellectual or Developmental Disability Needing Assistance
EXST-Extra seat
FRAG-Fragile baggage
PETC-Animal in cabin
SPEQ-Sports equipment
UMNR-Unaccompanied minor
WCBD-Dry cell battery wheelchair
WCBW-Wet cell battery wheelchair On request
WCHC-Cabin seat wheelchair
WCHR-Ramp wheelchair
WCHS-Steps wheelchair
WCMP-Manual power wheelchair
WCOB-On-board wheelchair
XBAG-Excess baggage On request
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