22/June/2014 - Version 4.35

Dear customers, we are happy to announce version 4.35

The version includes:

  1. New amendment screen and procedure.
    The new amendment screen acts like the new AVL screen which was launched a few months ago, with all the new features like infants etc.
  2. New amendment procedure
    From now you can amend part of the PNR flights to different PAX qty and then level the rest, so you don’t need to cancel the whole PNR anymore.
    Once you change one services out of several you will need to change the rest of the services, otherwise the system will alert you and “lock” the PNR for any changes.
  3. Dashboard
    1. New selectors in the pies which will allow you to select the factor of the information PAX/Bookings/Revenue
    2. New compare option in front of last year to date.
  4. Sticky notes.
    A new functionality loaded to the system which gives you the option to save sticky notes to your user, the sticky notes will be stored on our DB and you will be able to access them from anywhere.
    To create a new note, click the “New note” link on the top header icons.


    1. You can move the note around
      1. You can change the color of the note by clicking the color icon changer.
      2. You can delete a note using the X sign.
  5. Check-in screen:
    1. Added status breakdown
    2. Added the option to filter “No-Status”
  6. Flight series / Flight screen
    1. Added the option to “Show on GDS” which is relevant for customers using GDS distribution options.
  7. New fare management options:
    1. The option to set a  fare to be specific to OW/RT
    2. The option for TAX breakdown (more than 4 TAX types) – This is open to specific customer upon request.
    3. The option to set fare SHOW which means to “SHOW” the fare X hours before the flight.
    4. Added the option for “Fare basis” which can be shown on the ticket
    5. Added the option for “Notification” which can be shown on the ticket as part of the flight rules.
  8. Small changes:
    1. Boarding pass infant notification (added to the boarding pass)
  9. Report changes:
    1. Unbalanced report  – the ability to extract the report by service date range
    2. Invoice report – Added ACC code filter
    3. Added new columns to cancellation report
  10. Several bug fixes


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