12/Fab/2014 - Version 4.3

The following updates were made to version 4.3:

  1. Infants charges
    1. You can now charge infants on the system.
    2. To update the fares with OW-INF an RT-INF prices, please go to “Marketing” > “Fares” and update accordingly.
    3. Infants pricing is added the same as the regular child prices.
    4. In addition, you will see the infants on the PNR service line as an addition to the adult and child quantity.
  2. Infants TAX charges
    1. By default, your system doesn’t charge infants with Taxes, should you want to change it, go to “Administrations” > “Update system settings” icon and check the check-box of “Charge taxes for infants” – in such a case, the system will charge all the taxes for an infant as well.
  3. VAT charges by fare
    1. You are now able to add VAT charges by the fare for specific routes
    2. In the fare sub-module under Marketing module, you will find a “VAT” input field.
      Input the VAT which comes over the fare, for example if the VAT is 14% above the fare then input 14
      (There is no need to put the % sign)
    3. In case you charge VAT on TAX as well, you will need to check the “Charge VAT on taxes” check-box.
    4. If your airline charges VAT on ALL services, there is no need to input VAT charges in this section, it is done on a system wide setting.
  4. Fare notification
    1. You can set a notification per fare which will appear on the system booking screen and templates.
    2. In the fare screen, update the fare notification box.
    3. Notifications will show the same as flight rules appear on the booking screen
    4. Notifications will appear on templates, should the “Flight rules and notifications” is marked in the “REF template” setup for the specific template.
  5. Baggage by fare
    1. Until today, baggage settings, which appear on tickets and templates sent to customers were handled by the destination setup, from now, you can ALSO manage it by the fare for the specific class and route.
    2. In Fares update, you can write the baggage allowed for this route and this class in this period.
    3. If you leave it as ZERO, the system will ignore and take the setting from the destination setting.
  6. Class name in hover
    1. When you search for availability on the CRS, when you hover above the class selection, the name of the class is now included in the hover.
  7. Tax breakdown by 4
    1. Ultimate license customers can now breakdown the TAX on the system by 4 elements.
    2. On the fares, you can update up to 4 taxes per fare.
    3. On the “System settings update” in “Administrations” > “Users” you can update the names of the taxes according to the boxes (1 till 4), this will affect the booking screen and the system will show the names of the taxes.
    4. On the “REF template” you can update “Show TAX breakdown” for the template which you want and the system will add the breakdown of the TAXES.
  8. Date of birth instead of pax age.
    1. You are now able to change the way the system asks for a child’s age
    2. In the “Company settings update” you can check “Date of birth instead of Age” and the system will require a birth of date instead of pax age.
      MAKE SURE that “Show Date of birth” is marked so the field would show.
    3. Upon saving of a child, the system will check the child’s age on the date of the flight.


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