12/Sep/2012 - Version 3.882

  • Agents are becoming agencies…
    We are in the process of changing the methodology of the agencies system for a better concept:


    1. Agencies – are agencies which have one or more agents.
    2. Agents – are agents within an agency
    3. Web agents – are agents within an agency which have access to the agency account on the website.
    4. CRS agents – are agents within an agency which have access to the agency account using the main CRS.
  • New option in the PNR screen, select the agent within the agency.
    This option comes to users which take a booking for an agent, the agent is listed in one of the above lists (agents / web agents / CRS agents) and you can select the agent which is relevant for the booking.
    The CRS system will send this selected agent any alerts  (TTL, booking etc.) to his personal e-mail (if that e-mail is listed under his registration details).
  • Improvement to the packages engine:
    We have done some improvements to the UI of creating a package and we have corrected some bug fixes, in addition the following developments were added:


    1. Rich HTML – Users can now edit the day description, Package general description, Package rules in rich HTML text, include images, add links etc.
    2. You can now remove flights, hotels you have added by mistake.
    3. New URL, example: http://mydomain.com/package/mara-2-nights this option is better for SEO and you can view the URL if the package is not active yet (for design purposes).
    4. Added option for LDS flights, we have added an option to include LDS flights, so you can code share with a different airline in the system.
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