01/July/2012 - Version 3.88


This is a version update details for version 3.88:
NOTE- Some of these features might be disabled on your account.

  1. Advanced reports center with Scheduled reports
    1. All reports are exportable to Excel.
      You can now export all reports (besides 2 specific ones) to CSV which can be opened in Excel.
    2. All reports can be e-mailed.
      You can now e-mail all reports, e-mailing is prohibited only to internal users which their e-mail is set within the system, you can e-mail it to yourself and to other users within the system.
      Agents users using the “CRS agent access” can e-mail to themselves or other Agents CRS users within their own agency.
    3. All reports can be scheduled.
      You can now schedule each report to be sent out to the selected e-mail.


      1. Go to “Reports”
      2. Select your desired report
      3. Select additional filters (if apply)
      4. There is no need to select period.
      5. Click the “Schedule this report” checkbox.
      6. Select “For” which reflects the period of the report according to the sent date.
      7. Select “On” which reflects the frequency of the schedule.
      8. Select “In the” which reflects the time of day.
      9. Select “Send to” for which e-mail the report will be sent out to.
      10. Click “Schedule”
        From now on, the system will e-mail this report to the e-mail you have selected on the schedule selected.Note – you can also remove the schedule, by clicking the X sign which is created when there is a schedule.
        Reports are sent in the morning, at around 4am and in the Evening at around 7pm CET
  2. New Cargo improvements
    1. A cargo added now in the system, you can select more options, and relate the cargo element to an existing flight or charter.
      1. Selecting an existing flight leg from the flights of the selected date
      2. Selecting an existing charter leg from the list of charter within the same PNR.
    2. Some more improvements and added fields.
    3. We are working to update some reports with the latest cargo changes.
  3. Some changes in the Booking screen
    Some buttons are now changed text and look for ease of use.
  4. New LDS feature – click here to read more in a different post.
  5. GUI improvement
    You can now drag all hover windows and can see what you have left behind.
  6. New Features (not open to all clients, let us know if you wish for it to be enabled for your account)
    1. Frequent flyer – The ability to open new members in frequent flyer and award them with miles or points so later they can use them.
    2. Affiliate codes – The ability to set an agent (internal or external) with an affilate code that passengers that come to the website can put in that code and easily get discount where the referring agent will be able to get commission on the referred customer (without the customer need to pay the agent).
  7. Import of Fares
    1. You can import flights fares using excel sheet.
    2. Download the example file from this link
    3. Change it, note:
      1. From and To must be valid codes
      2. Dates must be in DD/MM/YYYY
      3. Class must exist
      4. Currency must exist
      5. Fares must be 0 or above (numeric numbers)
      6. Remark – free text
    4. Save the file as “CSV” (“File” > “Save as” > select the comma separated values CSV in the file type selection in Excel)
    5. Go to “Fares” module and click “Upload file”
    6. Select the file you have saved.
    7. Click Upload.The system should load the fares and the window should disappear.
      If this has not happened and you got an error message, follow the error message.
      Note that – duplicate fares are not allowed (in the file and existing in the system)
      Note that when the file is not loaded, the system does not load anything to the fares management and you need to edit and upload the full file again.


      Should you want to remove an upload from the system, please contact support@aerocrs.com

  8. Website
    After a long period of time, we have upgraded all websites to match a new and improved engine, and here are the features:


    1. New layout system
      In the new design, the system is not light and fast, fits all web browsers like it did before but with improved performance! The new layout system allows us to make every possible change in the website template, if you wish we can give you your template design plate and you will be able to give it to your graphic editor and design yourself a whole new website
    2. What can you control:
      1. Banners – In the “website module” called “Website clips” you can change every banner, homepage etc, by selecting from a list of clips:
        1. mainelement – the main element of your home page
        2. mainelement1 – the main element of your home page rotating
        3. mainelement2 – the main element of your home page rotating
        4. promotionbox1 / promotionbox – the element of your promotion box.
        5. banners1 – home page banners line 1
        6. banners2 – home page banners line 2
        7. footer – for footer changes throughout the website
        8. banner-account – banner in account page (below the search engine and login links)
        9. banner-itinerary – banner in itinerary page  (below the search engine and login links)
        10. banner-package – banner in package page
        11. banner-search-results-aerocrs – banner in aerocrs search results (only applicable for aerocrs.hospitality and aerocrs.travel websites)
        12. banner-search-results-flights – banner in flights search results (only applicable for aerocrs.airline website)
        13. banner-search-results-hotel – banner in search results of a single hotel  (only applicable for  aerocrs.hospitality and aerocrs.travel websites)
        14. banner-search-results-hotels – banner in search results of hotels per location.   (only applicable for  aerocrs.hospitality and aerocrs.travel websites)
        15. banner-search-results-prod – banner in search results of products   (only applicable for aerocrs.travel website)
        16. banner-upsell-aerocrs – banner in search results of aerocrs upsell, selection of a flight per hotel  (only applicable for  aerocrs.hospitality and aerocrs.travel websites )
      2. Top navigation:
        1. You can create lists of drop downs (using “Website lists” module) and then allocate content pages to it.
        2. You can select content from the “Website content” module and promote it on the top navigation.
      3. Storage module
        1. You can upload images, PDF etc to the website by yourself.
        2. Go to the module, click the “New” button, a popup window will appear, note that you will need to remove any popup blockers.
        3. Upload your content
        4. You will see the content in the list, you can click on it to see a preview.
        5. Note – the system stores information on a separate domain (storage.aerocrs.com) you can use links shown in the preview to put them on any page / link.
      4. Website content
        1. You can control all the content of the website
        2. In the “Website contents” module, you can create new pages and they will appear instantly on the website.
        3. You can add images, images you have added in “Storage” module, will appear automatically in the list when adding images.
        4. New Bread crumb feature – that will enable you to set the previous level.
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