14/Nov/2011 - Version 3.86


This is a version update details for version 3.86:
NOTE- Some of these features might be disabled on your account.

  1. 3G Directpay API changes – Booking screen changes:
    Due to a change in 3G API, we have changed the way to work with 3G payment services,
    From now on, the payment process from within the CRS will take you to 3G website, opening a transaction automatically for payment on 3G website.


    1. On “+Payment” in the booking screen, select “3GDirectpay”
    2. This will show you a link to click and will take you to 3G payment page.
    3. Do the payment with the 3G payment page (outside the CRS)
    4. Once you pay, the page will close and the CRS will be updated.
    5. You can click “Save”
    6. If from any reason you have not saved the payment, just refresh the booking screen and the payment will appear.
    7. 3G payment system is set to block double payment attempts.
    8. If from any reason you have done a payment in 3G payment page and you can not reflect the payment in the booking screen, please contact our support.
  2. 3G Directpay API changes – reflect on payment for agents.
    This section is removed from the “Agents Balance” payment module.
  3. New Alerts when saving an income
    New alerts will show now which are more relevant to the action taken when receiving some income,
    Example: when utilizing a deposit in a booking, you will get the alert “Please acknowledge that you want to utilize  XX USD from this agent/customer deposit.”
    No change was made to the procedure, just better formatting.
  4. Using deposit for agents
    The usage of deposit in the “Agents Balance” screen is now active, you can select multiple PNRs and utilize a deposit for them, just like any other payment method.
  5. Hotels bookings
    Hotels bookings changes were implemented in the system.


    1. New Hotel management screen
    2. New “Fares” management screen
    3. New Booking process.


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