30/JUL/2016- Improved booking transfer module

Dear customers,

As per your requests, we've renewed the booking transfer module.

The interface change is now making the flight information much more readable - now it shows the information per class and per leg, just like on the flight screen.

But the main change have occurred under the hood: from now on, you can transfer bookings between the leg types easily. When transferring from one flight type to another (ex., from From-To to From-Via-To) the system will automatically search the original route on the new flight and choose the leg type accordingly. It will also try to choose the same class as it was in the original booking - and in case that it does not exist will choose the first class from those that does exist on the new flight and has free seats.

IMPORTANT: the transfer does not check the amount of free seats on the flight (just on class), which gives you more flexibility, but may potentially lead to overbook. Please check the amount of free seats before you make a transfer.

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