29/AUG/2016 - New reports and changes to reports

Dear customers,

Please note that we have added today new reports to the system:

  1. Flight data - will return the flight data with service load name, flight number and flight routing.
    You can also select to show inactive flights for reviewing of cancelled flights.
  2. Flight routing - will return the flight routing details with picked PIC, SIC, FA1 and FA2.
  3. ALOG - see all user interaction in the system for a specific day.
  4. Daily flight information - see all the information of passengers for a specific day
  5. Sales per day shows additional paid amounts on bookings (cash, cheque etc) in an additional column.
  6. You can limit the cashier reports (cashier and cashier daily) so the user will see only his data, this can be done in the user setup on "Limit reports" checkbox.
  7. Cargo report changes:
    1. Fare column now reflects the specific line of the service (not the total of the PNR)
    2. Added PNR created by user and Remark columns


You can add those reports on the "Permission" module and allocate them to the user group you wish to be able to issue those reports.

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