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Creating charge types allows you to offer different fares for different types of passengers on the same class. Here's how you can create charge types, assign them to fares, and search for available flights by their charge types:

Creating a new charge type

  • Access the Marketing module and navigate to the Charge type sub-module.
  • Create a new charge type, and designate whether it should be the default option displayed on the website.


Adding a charge type to a fare

  • In the Fares sub-module, locate the fare you want to assign a charge type to.
  • Set the fare to use the desired charge type or leave it blank if no charge type is needed.
  • Note that a class on a flight can have multiple fares using different charge types.


Search engine

  • Utilize the search engine to find fares based on specific charge types.
  • For example, searching for the "Non-Resident" charge type may yield different results than searching for the "Resident" charge type.

Please see the following example:

In this example, choosing the 'Non-Resident' type will yield 2 results unavailable for the 'Resident' type.

Website search

  • Enable the charge type search option on your website through the Website module settings.
  • Check the "Show Charge Type" checkbox to add a "Charge type" field to the website search.
  • Website visitors can then use this field to filter search results based on charge types.

Doing so will add a new "Charge type" field to the website search.



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