Name change policies management

Changing the name of a passenger after ticketing is not a regular amendment case in GO7. It offers more flexibility and does not adhere to the same rules and policies as regular amendments.

Direct Customer case

For direct customers, GO7 administrators have two options to control the name change flow:

  1. TKT PAX Change Permission:
    • Users with this permission can change passenger names for free.
    • Users without this permission will pay the name change fee if set and won't be able to change names if the fee is not set.
  2. Name Change Fee on Class Level:
    • The name change fee will be charged per changed passenger per service.
    • For example, if there are 2 services in a PNR, from two different classes, one with a $10 fee and another with a $20 fee, and one wants to change 3 passenger names, the total fee will be $90 (($10 + $20) * 3 passengers).

Agents case

Agents will also be affected by the name change fee in the same way as users. Additionally, there is an extra class-level option:

  1. Allow Free Name Change for Agents:
    • if checked, agents can change names for services for free, regardless of user permissions and the name change fee for this class.

This setup provides administrators with the flexibility to manage name changes for both direct customers and agents according to their preferences and policies.

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