06/DEC/2016 - Version 5.4

Dear Customers,

Today we are lunching AeroCRS 5.4 which includes some new features and bug fixes.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fire Fox hover- Users that using fire fox will be able to see the prices breakdown when hovering with the mouse on the class in the AVL screen.
  • Email to long list of recipients- the email sending to a massive amount of addresses will have a loader for better indication about the sending status.
  • Seat map rows letters- this is a fix to the case of when a first row in aircraft had empty seat, the letter didn't show. now it will show in any case.
  • Big columns reports will fit better in the page when exporting to PDF.
  • Users that don't have permission to change agent credit settings will be blocked when trying to give credit when duplicating an agent.
  • Multiple ancillary items in website- now you can have as many ancillary that you want in the website and it will look just fine.
  • Website navigation re ordered- if a customer will go back and forth and makes changes during the booking process he will get an appropriate message that will let him choose whether he want to add another flight to itinerary, replace existing flight, or delete and start over. this will prevent double services bookings from the website.
  • Currency decimal settings for website - your website will now show the prices with as many (if any) digits below the decimal point, according to your currency settings. 


New Features:

  • A new button in the PNR to show/hide inactive services.


  • Kayak click tracker integration was added.
  • The option to see credit notes in 'invoices' and 'invoices items' reports.
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