Sellable seats - How to

The Seat Fares sub-module allows you to charge extra payment for seats on a certain flight. This feature will be active on CRS and Website.

How to set up Sellable seats for a specific flight?

  • Ensure you have at least one seat map loaded into your system. To check, go to the Service Loads sub-module, open an existing service load, and refer to the "Seat map" drop-down list to select the relevant seat map. If you don't have a seat map in your system, you can contact for further information on the requirements to create them in your system.


  • Once the seat map is assigned to the service load, create a new Seat Fare in the system. Go to Marketing -> Seat fares and click on New.
    • Specify seat rows, destinations, class, brand, and dates of the flight affected by the seats using the current fare (destinations are optional).
    • By default, all seats on check-in are free. To make them sellable (with a price), check the "charge on check-in" checkbox.
    • Note: The fare set already includes VAT, and this field is for reference only.


How to utilize the sellable seats functionality?

  • Select seats during the check-in process or directly during the booking process within a PNR.
  • Activate the per-user permission “Allow select/book seats on PNR screen” to enable seat selection within the PNR


  • Once activated, users can select seats directly in the PNR.


How to change a selected seat?

  • If the selected seat is free, open the seat map and select another seat.
  • If the selected seat has a selling price, cancel the service of the seat first before changing to a different one.


How to amend a seat without the cancellation of a service?

  • By default, users cannot amend sellable seats without canceling the service first. To bypass this, enable the “Allow free seats” permission within the user's profile screen.


This will allow the user to select/change seats for free, even if the seat has a price.

Selling seats via Website

  • To start selling seats on your Website, enable the “Allow sellable seat on website” setting in your Website Settings section.
  • To enable this option, go to: Website module -> Website clips and click on the "Update Website Settings" button:


How to select seats from the website?

Customers can select seats while booking on the website. The seat map will be displayed to them in the Extras Page. If a price is set for selected seats, the added charges will be automatically reflected in the final balance during the booking process via the website.

Extras Page




  • Even if “allow sellable seats on website” is disabled, customers can still select seats on the check-in page.
  • Customers can choose seats for free during web check-in if "Charge on check in" is not checked.
  • During check-in, if a customer selects a seat with a fare, they will be redirected to the "Extras Page" to complete the payment process before finishing the check-in.



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