Dynamic boarding pass parameters

Dear valued customer,

In this article, you will find all the available words you could use to create your dynamic boarding pass.

As you may or may have not seen, we have made an improvement to the system and from now on you can create a boarding pass in your own style.

Here you can see the BP settings page (Under check-in module):


You can now edit the information displayed either from the text or from the HTML editor.

We have set default values for you, so if you don't want to change anything you can leave it as it is.

You will have options related to five main groups - PNR, Flight, Luggage, Miscellaneous, and Attributes.

The attributes are to be used if you want to hide certain details from the boarding pass in case it is not present, for elements that could sometimes not be set yet, like baggage, seat, aircraft registration, etc. This is used to avoid extra breaks and spaces in your new boarding pass. Attributes Should be added as style display parameters for the parent tag of the parameter you wish to hide. I.E - <span style="display:{attribute}"> {parameter} </span>

The most important attribute is {infonpnr}. This attribute should stay as default. Explanation - This attribute creates a section in the boarding pass for the infant that is carried by the passenger if the infant is set as a passenger for the company. However, if there is no infant, that section will be hidden.

Please note - all names are case sensitive! Make sure to only use lowercase letters. 

PNR related options

Parameter Explanation Hide attribute
{pnr} PNR Ref  
{classcode} Class Code  
{classname} Class Name  
{brand} Brand name  
{firstname} Passenger First Name  
{lastname} Passenger Last Name  
{title} Passenger Title  
{paxpassportnum} Passenger passport number  
{infantaddon} Passenger carrying infant status (+INF)  
{infantfirstname} Infant first name  
{infantlastname} Infant last name  
{paxamount} Number of passengers  

Flight-related options

Parameter Explanation Hide attribute
{flightnumber} Flight Number  
{departuretime} Will show departure time as: "HH:MM"  
{boardingtime} Will show boarding time as: "HH:MM" {hideboarding} 
{date} Service Date "DD/MM/YY"  
{Date2} Date of departing. Example: "10 OCT 2019"  
{invremark} Remark of the specific flight  
{fidremark} Flight Information display remarks {hideremark} 
{from} Flight from destination "New York"  
{fromdstcode} Departing flight destination code "JFK"  
{to} Flight to destination "Tel Aviv"  
{todstcode} Arriving flight destination code "TLV"  
{seat} Seat location {hideseat}
{seatname} Seat name (if applicable) {hideseat}
{landingtime} Time of landing in hours "HH:MM"  
{Date2ARR} Date of landing. Example: "10 OCT 2019"  
{gateclose}  Gate closing time   

Luggage / Baggage related options

Parameter Explanation Hide attribute
{btags} Bag tags {hidebt} 
{numberofpieces} Number of pieces {hidenop}
{kg} Luggage weight  
{color} Tag color {hidecolor}
{baggagetime} Baggage drop time  
{anc} Ancillaries purchased (more info here)  

Miscellaneous options

Parameter Explanation Hide attribute
{logo} Company Logo as set in settings  
{acregistration} Aircraft Registration No. {hideregistration}
{barcode2d:50} 2D Barcode and size in percentage  
{barcode3d:50} 3D Barcode and size in percentage  
{barcode3dcustomer} 3D Barcode for customer copy  
{barcode2rotate90} 2D Barcode in horizontal view  
{barcode3rotate90} 3D Barcode in horizontal view  
{bpqrcode} Quick response (QR) code  
{sequence} Sequence No.  
{ETKT} E-Ticket Serial Number  

Frequent Flyer Parameters

Parameter Explanation Comments
{ffnumber}  FF Number Shows "None" if empty
{fflevel}  FF Level Shows "None" if empty
{ffawarded}  Points to be awarded after the flight Shows "-" if empty
{ffstatus}  Status points to be added after the flight Shows "-" if empty
{ffbonus}   Bonus points to be added after the flight Shows "-" if empty 
{fftotalawarded}  Total awarded points Shows "-" if empty
{fftotalstatus}   Total status points Shows "-" if empty
{fftotalbonus}  Total bonus points Shows "-" if empty
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