14/APR/2018 - Infrastructure upgrade

Dear customers,

On 14/APR/2018 at 23:00 UTC we are planning a major system upgrade.
The upgrade is for AeroCRS Infrastructure.

This upgrade will include a 3-4 hour downtime starting 14/APR/2018 23:00 UTC.
During this time all AeroCRS services will not work, including IBE, CRS, API, DCS etc.

To see the event at your own time zone, please click here.
If you have any questions, please let us know at the support e-mail/phone/chat.

Follow this article for more updates.

UPDATE - Date changed to 07/APR/2018.
UPDATE - Date changed to 14/APR/2018 due to some changes and improvements to the process.
UPDATE - 14/APR 23:00 UTC - Started.
UPDATE - 15/APR 01:15 UTC - Main services are working at normal. we are still working on additional backend services.
UPDATE - 15/APR 02:40 UTC - All services are working at normal. E-mail archive option is working yet it will not appear in the PNR, we are working to resolve the issue, there is no need to send the e-mail twice, it will be processed as soon as the service is back.
UPDATE - 15/APR 03:20 UTC - All services are working at normal, including E-mail archive.

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