26/APR/2021 - Ancillaries and seat reservations

Dear Customers,

We will like to inform you of a new feature which will allow your passengers to book ancillaries and seats before the actual booking is done on the system.

This is intended for those airlines working with the PNL Import tool from TO's (Tour operators) which the bookings are just received a few hours before the flight in AeroCRS but still want to offer the option of Extras prior to that to their passengers. 

How to implement it?

First, you will need to add a content page to your website and add the following parameter:


This will make the page look like this:



Over this page your passengers will be able to select destinations, dates to find the available flights:



Once a flight is selected the passenger will need to fill in his passenger information, title, name and last name should be the same as provided in their TO booking. 

The flow remains the same as for a regular flight booking in this case. 

You can also limit or set the specific classes provided to your TO by going to IBE > Website clips > Website settings:


The system will run an automated process every hour, and will find a new booking with the same passenger data that has been inserted and automatically the bookings will be connected like if it would have been a regular booking. 

You can also block a specific destination from using this functionality by going to Operations Administrations > Destinations and marking the following option:


Option supported for FROM-TO flights only
If you have any questions or require additional information regarding this new option please submit a support ticket directly or contact us at support@aerocrs.com 
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