Printer Support

In this article, we'll outline the types of printers supported by the GO7 PSS system. Additionally, we'll provide details on the minimum/recommended specifications for the device used to print out boarding passes and baggage tags.

GO7 PSS is compatible with the majority of the thermal printer devices. Here are the exact requirements and recommendations:

  • The printer must be compatible with Windows operating systems.
  • A thermal printer with a cutter is recommended for optimal results.
  • The printing width capabilities of the printer should be between 60mm to 80mm, to be optimal for both boarding passes (80mm) and baggage tags (60mm).
  • Ideally, for baggage tags you also want that the printer will have a thermal sticker roll.
    Once you decide which standard you want to use, the long or the short sticker type, you can easily design it in the system (position of text, information, barcode etc).
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