23/May/2021 - Seat prices per column

Dear Customers, 

We would like to update you on a new feature that will allow you to set the prices per column and rows specifically. 

You can go to Marketing > Seat fares in order to update the new field called columns:


You should insert the relevant columns separated by a comma, for example, A,B,C.

Notice that if you don't add any columns the system will behave as it was previously and will set the price per row, if you add only one column, then the other seats will be for free.

You will need to configure accordingly the prices per column in case you decide to use this option. 

If only one column price was configured it will be shown in the system the lowest available price as the following screenshot:


In this case, only seats 3A and 3F have a price configured, once you click on the relevant seat you will see an alert with the relevant prices. 

Notice that this option is supported in the Mass upload of seat fares, in the excel file you will separate the column's name with blank spaces.


If you have any questions or require additional information regarding this new option please submit a support ticket directly or contact us at support@aerocrs.com 
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