Website Words

To translate the IBE into a selected language, you can use the Website Words sub-module.

Once the additional language is added in the 'Languages' sub-module, the records for the new language will be automatically added in the Website Words sub-module.

Translate each record into the new language.


Language - choose the translated language.

In Language - Enter the translated word\phrase.

Mass Update Option

It is possible to export the records of a selected language as a .csv file and use it to update all records at once.

1. Create a filter for the selected language.


2. Click the special export icon to download the .csv file.


3. Open the file and insert the translated word\phrase under the "In language (CHANGE)" column.

4. Save the file as .csv and use the 'Mass update' option to upload the file.


To translate words/phrases that do not appear on the 'Website words' records, use the 'Translator' sub-module.

NOTE: Some of the permissions above might be restricted for your user login, please ask your administrator if you encounter a need for permission in this screen
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