23/SEP/19 - Ancillary Groups sub-module

Dear Customers,

We have added a new 'Ancillary Groups' sub-module under the marketing module.

'Ancillary groups' will be used in connection to the new 'Class Branding' feature and is available to  "Ultimate" service level companies only.

On this sub-module, you are able to create a list of groups and later allocate ancillary services into a group.



After creating the ancillary group, you are able to create several ancillary services that will be allocated with the group, each created for a different brand.


The system will calculate the max allowed quantity sold per flight for these ancillary services (set under the same group) for all the services together.

i.e. on a flight, we have sold an item with QTY factor of 5, the remaining quantity available for that flight will be 45 for all ancillary services set under the 'Baggage' group.

This sub-module will allow you to make use of ancillary services under the new 'Class Branding' feature and continue to monitor the max amount sold per service per flight.

If you need additional assistance in operating the Ancillary Groups sub-module please contact us at the support.


NOTE: Some of the permissions above might be restricted for your user login, please ask your administrator if you encounter a need for permission in this screen
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