GO7 Network Transactions and report

The "GO7 Network Transactions" feature enables airlines to monitor and track all transactions conducted through the GO7 Network. Here's an overview of the key elements and functionalities:


Key Elements:

  1. Active Status: Indicates whether the Passenger Name Record (PNR) has confirmed (active) or canceled (inactive) services.
  2. API: Displays the Online Travel Agency (OTA) agent that made the booking via the API.
  3. PNR Reference: Unique reference associated with the Passenger Name Record.
  4. AN Commission: Amount of commission earned from GO7 Network for the transaction.
  5. OTA Commission: Amount of commission earned from the OTA (Online Travel Agency) for the transaction.
  6. Commissions Total: Total sum of commissions earned from both GO7 Network and OTA.


  • Clicking on any transaction redirects users to the relevant PNR, where they can view customer information.
  • The OTA logo associated with the booking is displayed in the Customer Information section of the PNR.
  • Clicking on the OTA logo opens the OTA's website in a new browser window.



  • For further insights and analysis, users can access the "GO7 Network Sales" report, which provides comprehensive information about sales transactions made through the GO7 Network.

By utilizing the GO7 Network Transactions module and associated reporting tools, airlines can effectively monitor transactions, track commissions, and gain valuable insights into their network sales performance.


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